Soledad Senlle Art Foundation is a non-profit organisation that supports projects by young and established artists working in a variety of disciplines. The foundation strives to draw the public’s attention to innovative projects. Soledad Senlle involves the surrounding urban environment and neighbourhood residents and organisations, with the intent to encourage creative and critical reflection on contemporary art.

Soledad Senlle Art Foundation was founded in 2011 by Marisol Ferradás. Besides being funded by project subsidies, the Art Foundation is financially supported by Soledad Senlle BV, fashion agency since 1989. Both the art foundation and the fashion agency are situated at Sloterkade 171 in Amsterdam. With it’s projects Soledad Senlle Art Foundation would like to explore new sites in the city and enhance creative use of public space, uniting art, artists and the public. The Art Foundation’s projects are an ongoing research of how art can make a difference in relation to current social developments and how it can serve as an connecting factor in the city. In 2007 Marisol Ferradás started Soledad Senlle Gallery. The gallery activities can also be viewed on this website. Nowadays the Art Foundation accommodates the gallery activities.

Every two to three years, the foundation organizes KadS [Kunst aan de Schinkel – Art at the Schinkel], an art event in public space in the Schinkel neighbourhood in Amsterdam. KadS strives to communicate with a large public, surprising the viewer with site-specific interventions. To this end for each edition a selection of international artists is invited to make new work for different sites. The past editions of KadS took place in 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2018.

The name Soledad Senlle derives from Marisol (Ferradás) first name combined with the surname of her Spanish grandmother Senlle.