Société Anonyme is an independent brand indifferent to conventions, whose imprint reflects the Dada spirit of its founders and the boutique. Born from the desire to give shape and substance to a vision of free and timeless fashion, the brand produced entirely in Florence, offers clothing and accessories with a fluid and contemporary character, new basic ready to wear.

The memory of the Dada world and the artistic boldness of those years are the stylistic code of Société Anonyme Créations. Original collections, in which aesthetic transversality is the center of a philosophy that gives shape to garments in which different influences coexist: from large Japanese-inspired cuts to northern European minimalism, from the Californian skater movement to the sustainability of the outdoor world. T-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, skirts and denim, Made in Italy icons of a new avant-garde that rejects conventions and evolves in the name of experimentation and collaboration.