REE PROJECTS is a fashion brand developing collections for a women's wardrobe with a main focus on pure, refined timeless pieces with an edge, that can be treasured and kept forever.

REE PROJECTS presents the first collection: project #01~pieces to carry. A collection of bags made of pure, refined timeless pieces, sophisticated yet unpretentious in their simplicity. With clean and bold aesthetics, suitable for any modern wardrobe.

REE PROJECTS was founded by fashion designer Desiree Kleinen. After graduating from the renowned ArtEZ Instutite of fine Arts in the Netherlands, and winning the Mittelmoda 'Camera Nazionale della Moda Italian Award' in Italy, she worked in the fashion industry for many years for brands such as Karl Lagerfeld an ILJA.

At the end of 2014 she decided to fully focus on her own brand and follow her "Hara no mushi": a phrase she picked up while learning Japanese."Hara no mushi" basically means "having a sixth sense, a strong gut feeling" and is core to what Desiree wants every REE PROJECTS design to express.

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