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The Netherlands
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Claudia Linde, the designer and founder of Linde Gallery, needed a timeless travel bag, but couldn't find what she was looking for. She decided to design her own bag, which had to be elegant, but also large enough to carry all ones essentials. This first bag is of an intelligent simplicity, it has no logo nor exterior symbol. It is simply timeless.

With this initial bag, the collection evolved organically and has been slowly growing remaining true to its origin: responding to the needs of contemporary nomadic lifestyle, accompanying travelers at heart whether through the ‘urban jungle’ or on a long journey.

Linde Gallery bags are manufactured in the south of France in the Tarn region, a historic area for leather goods. The established artisans guarantee with their ‘savoir faire’ a high-end quality ‘Made in France’ from concept to the final product. The bags are intentionally unlined with slight variations in color and irregularities in the skin creating a special look, making each product a unique piece.